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Award Categories


Open on 17 September and close 12 November 2018.

These Awards recognise the work of Australians. To be nominated you must be Australian, working in Australia, or specifically advancing the status of disabled Australians.

Please read the nomination instructions carefully BEFORE completing the form.

Read the categories carefully and consider which is most appropriate for your nominee. Then target your nomination to suit the outcomes of that category.

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Award Categories

These Awards reflect what is important to disabled people and the ways that we are effecting change and pursuing equality for our community. They recognise outstanding achievements by individuals, or disabled people’s organisations, who have significantly contributed to advancing the status of disabled people.

The Awards will be delivered across seven categories for outstanding achievement or outcomes by disabled people, reflecting the diversity of our community, and the intersectional* nature of our lives in:

      1. The Arts – using artistic expression to advance the status of disabled people.
      1. Change Making – achieving lasting change to the status quo (policy, programs, legislation) which results in greater equality for disabled people.
      1. Rights Activism – using human rights mechanisms, including implementing the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, to advance the status of disabled people.
      1. Innovation – being innovative, working outside the box, developing new systems, technology or tools to achieve outcomes in the status of disabled people.
      1. Social Impact – using the public domain, through mainstream and social media, or other digital interfaces, to achieve visibility of disabled people.
      1. Inclusion – designing processes, systems or programs which illustrate the diversity of disabled people as equal contributors to achieving outcomes.
      1. The Lesley Hall Award for Lifetime Achievement – awarded to an individual who has shown commitment to the disability rights movement and worked over time to achieve significant outcomes for disabled people.

Nomination form

*intersectional means being disabled alongside one or more of the following: gender, LGBTIQ, Indigenous, culturally or linguistically diverse, or young.

Individual Awards will not be distributed unless there are suitable nominees to receive them.

To nominate for more than one category, complete a separate nomination form for each entry.


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