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Developing Disability Leaders

Recent studies show that disabled employees are less likely to receive professional development than the colleagues they work alongside.

The same studies show that levels of bullying and harassment of disabled staff are about double what they are for the rest of your workforce. Many many organisations are committed to developing a stronger disability workforce, yet few have succeeded in attracting and retaining disabled staff, or progressing them to positions of leadership and responsibility. Most organisations have a revolving door despite significant resources being committed to disability diversity.

That elusive “inclusive culture” is constantly talked about, but few organisations have been able to achieve it.

Our CEO, Christina Ryan, also discovered that there were no internal leadership programs in Australia targeting people with disabilities, when she undertook her Westpac Social Change Fellowship in 2017. It simply hadn’t occurred to any of our major companies, government agencies, or leading NGOs that the successes they had achieved in other diversity areas could be translated into the disability field. While enormous resources have been committed to diversity over recent decades, little has been achieved in disability.

Australia isn’t unique, this is a global problem that isn’t changing despite significant resources being committed, and increasing levels of discussion including at major conferences and global events like the World Economic Forum.

Lots of organisations know they should be doing something, yet this knowledge and good intention isn’t translating into change.

Now is the time to break out of this cycle and move forward.

Your organisation knows it wants more staff who openly identify as disabled, and it wants them to stay. It also knows that the existing resources, effort and approaches haven’t been working. Talk and good intentions aren’t delivering. Over three decades organisations have been working hard on disability diversity without achieving real outcomes – inclusive cultures, disability leadership or sustainable workforce.

DLI Consulting

The Disability Leadership Institute is here to support you to develop and implement your disability leadership action plan.

We are the specialists in disability leadership because we are disability leaders. We know about inclusion, culture change and what is really needed to attract, develop and sustain your disability workforce.

The DLI team has a strong background in change management and organisational development, built over decades of front line experience.

Using specialist tools we will assess your current disability leadership situation and work with you to identify your goals. The we’ll assist you to name your first steps, and help you to take them. Year on year you want to see tangible improvements in your disability diversity outcomes. Our leadership development options will make your goals reality.

Watch your culture shift and your disability leadership grow.

Its time to make disability diversity real – we’re here to support your organisation to achieve tangible sustainable outcomes.