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We are here for your leadership development and to support your work through our peer led community. From short courses to our 12 month world first disability leadership program. Join us!

2 people sit at a table looking to the left of the picture, they are listening intently. One has tatoos and is wearing a brown top, the other is wearing a blue top.
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Are you working to build and retain disability leadership in your organisation?
We can help make that happen.

The Disability Leadership Institute is the professional hub for disability leaders.

Established by disability leaders for disability leaders. We are the world’s first organisation focused on leadership, owned and run by disabled people.

Our focus is your leadership development; through membership, our world first leadership program, online courses, and support through our peer led community.

Membership is open to all disabled people everywhere.

All members are listed on the National Register of Disability Leaders.

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Looking for a disability leader? To advertise to the National Register complete the “Find A Leader” form and we’ll tell our members about your opportunity.

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