Develop, support, promote disability leaders



The Disability Leadership Institute has several major programs to support you with your leadership development.

The Future Shapers

Our major 12 month leadership program.

This world first program has been designed and developed by disability leaders for disability leaders. We use vertical leadership principles and embrace disability as a leadership asset.

This rigorous program incorporates mainstream leadership development alongside a strong understanding of what it takes to operate at the highest levels as a disability leader.

Foundations of Disability Leadership

The Foundations of Disability Leadership will give you what you need to use your disability as an asset, as you grow your understanding of how to operate as a leader in the many places disability leaders work.

Fully virtual over 8 weeks.


Not sure where you can learn to be an effective activist or change maker?

That’s why we’ve developed Represent, a 6 module online self paced course in effective activism and change making.

Leadership Coaching

Join our leadership coaching program to step up to the next level, work through a transition point in your career, or to explore your leadership style and practice more fully. This is mainstream leadership coaching wrapped up in a deep understanding of what it takes to be a disability leader. We see disability as an asset and support disability leaders to operate in mainstream environments using your disability as part of your leadership work. All coaches are disabled people.