Develop, support, promote disability leaders

DLI Consulting

Disability Leadership Institute consulting assists you to identify and support leadership talent.

Then we assist you to use and retain that talent by building your inclusive culture.

Support Leaders
Consulting & Training

The Disability Leadership Institute is here to support you to develop and implement your disability leadership action plan.

We are the specialists in disability leadership because we are disability leaders. We know about inclusion, culture change and what is really needed to attract, develop and sustain your disability workforce.

The DLI team has a strong background in change management and organisational development, built over decades of front line experience.

Using specialist tools we will assess your current disability leadership situation and work with you to identify your goals. Then we’ll assist you to name your first steps, and help you to take them.

Year on year you want to see tangible improvements in your disability diversity outcomes. Our leadership development options will make your goals reality.

Watch your culture shift and your disability leadership grow.

Its time to make disability diversity real – we’re here to support your organisation to achieve tangible sustainable outcomes.

Support Leaders

Do you need advice on how to support and retain your employees and volunteers with disabilities?

Are your employees and volunteers with disabilities receiving leadership and development support appropriate to their needs?

Are you building a disability leadership development program?

Finding the right candidate is only the first step. Make sure you have the confidence and framework to retain disability leaders in your workforce.

Contact the Disability Leadership Institute today to connect with our consulting services.

Consulting & Training

Our range of specialist consulting and training is designed to support you to support your emerging and established disability leaders.

Building disability safe and confident workplaces 

  • Specialist disability leadership coaching – protect your investment by providing identified emerging leaders with coaching to support their success in new positions or workplaces. Build them for the future with position specific coaching and leadership development.
  • Workshops – including the popular Building Disability Diversity, or specific workshops tailored to your needs. Available in house, virtually or in person.
  • The Future Shapers  intensive specialist disability leadership program over 12 months, followed by alumni benefits including DLI membership, community of practice and member group access. Mainstream leadership training is cited by disability leaders as a distinct barrier to their progress, with few able to complete courses. This world first program has been developed to meld mainstream vertical leadership principles with specialist understanding of disability as a leadership asset.
  • Specialist coaching – executive coaching support for team leaders and managers to support their team members with disabilities. Inclusive practices, reasonable adjustment, flexible employment, position design, induction support. One on one sessions, group workshops, refresher courses.
  • Be what you can see – expert speakers for forums, morning teas, in house conferences. Provide an opportunity for your staff with disabilities to see expert disabled speakers.

Contact the Disability Leadership Institute today for information on how we can support your organisation.


All DLI training and coaching is delivered by highly experienced and qualified disabled people. 

The Disability Leadership Institute is by disability leaders for disability leaders.

“Time to change the way leadership is understood.”