Develop, support, promote disability leaders

Disability Leaders

Develop, Support, Promote disability leaders

Are you a disability leader?

Do you want to work on your leadership development?

Do you want to keep learning and building your leadership skills?

The Disability Leadership Institute is for you. We are owned and run by disability leaders and are here to support you in your leadership work. We are a community of disability leaders from all over the world.

It doesn’t matter if you are getting started or are very experienced, we are here for you to support you with your leadership development.


Membership of the Disability Leadership Institute is open to all disabled people everywhere. Join us and become part of our growing community of disability leaders.


Did you know disabled people are more likely to be self-employed than other people? That’s why we have a specific membership category just for entrepreneurs, self-employed people, consultants, gig workers, small business owners. It doesn’t matter how you run your own show, we’re here for you with a discussion space and monthly Co-discovery Sessions.


The Disability Leadership Institute has a number of programs and projects to assist you with your leadership development, including our world first 12 month program The Future Shapers.

Your Development

Our growing range of online courses and webinars is available for you anytime, anywhere.

From short 1 hour panel discussions, to our major 6 part course in effective activism, Represent.

Also includes our Entrepreneurs Co-discovery sessions. All online, via our training platform.

Calendar of training and events

Our calendar is updated regularly to include member groups, major events, workshops and speaking engagements.

National Awards for Disability Leadership

Recognising the outstanding work of disability leaders, the Awards are held on 3 December each year and reflect what is important to disabled people and the work being done by disability leaders.