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Your Development – online courses

The Disability Leadership Institute has a range of online courses, panel discussions and development options you can do at anytime – whoever you are, wherever you are.

All of our courses and webinars are captioned, and you can go back in and view them many times.

Our full suite of online courses and development is on our training platform and is open to anyone.

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From the grass roots to the United Nations. This 6 module online course features webinars, worksheets, reading lists and more. If you want to do frontline activism, go into politics, or change the world, this is the course for you. $495.00 AUD

Effective Networking

A short 3 part course on preparing, attending, and following up – with workbook and resources. Also examines networking disability leaders style. #$45.00 AUD

Governance – the basics

Some basics of governance in a 1 hour package. What is governance, what to focus on, how to operate, things to remember. #$39.95 AUD

Talking To Media

Short webinar on preparing for and talking to the media. Tips, tricks and pitfalls to avoid. Comes with workbook to help you prepare. #$39.95 AUD

Panel discussions:

Call It Out – with Yenn Purkis and Tricia Malowney talking bullying, what it looks like and ideas on responding.

Talking Social Media – with El Gibbs and Stacey Christie, looking at using social media, tips, tricks and how the disability community does it.

Talking Team Leading – with Paul Power and Wendy Hill we look at team leading, what it takes, team leading disability, being a disabled team leader and more.

All panel discussions #$20.00 AUD