Develop, support, promote leaders with disabilities

Nomination Form


Nominations open 17 September 2018 and close 12 November 2018.

Late nominations will not be accepted.


  • Complete all sections of the nomination form.
  • Ensure you have everything you need before you start, you cannot save this form.
  • Provide a 30 second video about the nominee’s work.
  • For nominations in the Arts Category please provide a 2 minute video.
  • You are welcome to include two letters of support
  • If you are nominating a person for more than one category, complete a separate nomination form for each category


These Awards recognise the work of Australians. To be nominated you must be Australian, working in Australia, or specifically advancing the status of disabled Australians.

Nomination Form:

  • Who are you nominating?
  • Is the nominee a: * Required
    A DPO is an organisation that has more than 50% of its members, board and staff disabled people with a leadership team made up of disabled people.
  • I have permission to nominate this person / organisation * Required
    Please note that successful nominees and the winner in each category will have their details made public on websites, through social media and promotional materials.
  • Name of the person filling in this form.
  • Please select the award category for this nomination. You can only nominate for 1 award per form.
  • What outcome has the nominee achieved? Please be mindful of the award definition and keep your nomination relevant to it. Please also note how this nominee reflects the diversity of our community and how they work within, or address, intersectional factors.
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: doc, pdf.
    The letters should be relevant to the award category from someone who knows the nominee's work well.
    Maximum file size - 1 mega bytes. Allowed file extensions - doc pdf.
  • You can make a video on your phone, tablet, or with a camera. Make sure it talks about the work of the nominee relevant to this award category. We will NOT be judging the nomination based on the quality of the video, but the video will be used during the awards ceremony if the nominee is successful. Nominations in the Arts Category to provide a 2 minute video.
    Maximum file size - 15 mega bytes.