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There are a number of Disability Leadership Institute resources and events:

The Disability Leadership Oration

An annual event to lead the discussion on disability leadership and set the national agenda. A thought provoking 45 minute talk that sparks conversation and puts disability leadership into the centre of things.

Centred on IDay in December (International Day of People with Disabilities), the Oration will become a destination annual event for the calendars of the broader disability community, business and government leaders, and anyone interested in thought leadership and equality.


We write regular articles about disability leadership, diversity, inclusion. Its all under our News section, with archival articles in our blog.

Calendar of training and events

Our calendar is updated regularly and includes our member groups, events, speaking engagements and key dates for the National Awards and other major DLI events.


We don’t publish a lot, but its all on the publications page.

Board Resume Information Sheets

What do boards do?

How do I write my Board Resume?

How do I describe transferable skills.

Information sheets in plain and Easy English to help you get started with your board career.