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2021 National Awards Nomination Form


Nominations for the 2021 National Awards for Disability Leadership have now closed. Thank you to everyone who has nominated a disability leader.

Before you start please check the National Awards Categories

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  • Check the National Awards Categories
  • Complete all sections of the nomination form.
  • Ensure you have everything you need before you start, you cannot save this form. 
  • You must submit a media quality photo of your nominee, this is mandatory and the form won’t submit until you attach it. 
  • You are welcome to include two letters of support. This is optional. 
  • If you are nominating a person for more than one category, complete a separate nomination form for each category.


These Awards recognise the work of Australians. To be nominated you must be Australian, working in Australia, or specifically advancing the status of disabled Australians.

Nomination Form: