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Yenn Purkis is an Autistic and ADHD author, advocate and presenter. They are also non-binary and Asexual and have a psychosocial disability. Yenn is the author of 17 published books and has given presentations all over the world. Yenn's business involves giving presentations, writing, consultancy and coaching and mentoring.
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Yenn Purkis can provide presentations, writing in many formats, consultation services, mentoring and coaching. Yenn has worked with a large number of organisations to support them in relation to inclusion and respect for neurodivergent folks and those with psychosocial disability.

Yenn has been working in the advocacy and inclusion space for over 20 years, They have (currently) 17 published books and have given talks all over the world. Yenn has given two TEDx talks (2013 about resilience and 2023 about gender diversity and autism). Yenn can tailor presentations and writing to the needs of the audience and is flexible to the needs of the customer.

Yenn can from a strong perspective of the social model of disability and all their work is informed by the concept of 'different not less. They are also non-binary and asexual and identify strongly in the Queer pride space. Their work encompasses an intersectionality approach.

Yenn works with a number of organisations around inclusion in the disability and neurodiversity and Queer pride spaces. Yenn is highly proficient and professional and has a significant work ethic and a sense of pride in all they do.

Yenn's fees are reasonable - feel free to contact them for a quote.

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+61 0423624070
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41/43 Hibberson Street, Gungahlin ACT