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Easy English Example. Text reads “We are Easy English 4 u. We write Easy English. You have important information. Like about health, money. You must share it with others. We can write the fact sheet in Easy English for you. It is so more people understand your information.
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We create accessible information for your audience.
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Easy English is a form of accessible information that uses cognitive-load reduction techniques to increase the readability of information.

It is significantly more accessible than plain language and Easy Read.

About Easy English techniques:
The cognitive-load reduction techniques in Easy English
use simple words with one or two syllables where possible
use simple punctuation such as full stop and question mark
break down the information and explain more complicated concepts to foster understanding
- use concrete images to support the text
- format the document to decrease clutter.

How will Easy English help you?
Using Easy English will help your business in many ways through engaging more stakeholders, reducing miscommunications, using time more effectively, estabilishing a reputation as an inclusive organisation.

Talk to us about how we can help you with your accessible information and Easy English needs.

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The Easy Read Toolbox
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Making Easy Read easy!
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Join us in the inclusion revolution. We are making communication easier to understand and more accessible. When over 50% of Australians read at a primary school level or below, it's essential that your communication makes sense to your intended audience.

Whether you want to learn how to write Easy Read or Easy English, or have us translate your documents, we can help. We have templates, over 1200 images, microcourses, workshops and a Feedback Group of people with cognitive disabilities.

We also provide consulting services to meet your needs around disability inclusion and accessibility, neurodiversity and more.
We are a certified social enterprise employing disabled people in most of our team.

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