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Coaching for leaders

Leadership Coaching

The Disability Leadership Institute has a range of services for established and emerging leaders and is here to support you.

We offer intensive one to one coaching for established and emerging leaders.

Coaching is also available for people working with disability leaders who want to improve their practice and achieve more inclusive outcomes.

We will assist you to design the most appropriate coaching package for your needs, or you can select from one of the options below.

Contact us today to work on your personal development program including:


  • a coaching package incorporating several coaching sessions and a plan for action, including Disability Leadership Institute premium membership. Each package is individually designed to meet your needs.

  • regular coaching for newly placed leaders. Have you just been appointed to a senior position for the first time? We can help you make it a success!

Package options

  • alumni coaching, when you undertake a leadership course with us you can opt to have follow up coaching to ensure your future success.

Represent enrolment options

  • Future Shapers receive a coaching package as part of their alumni benefits.


Coaching is fully confidential.

Contact us today to discuss the optimal package for your needs.