Develop, support, promote leaders with disabilities


From the grass roots to the United Nations – how to represent your community.

Be a successful representative with this 6 module online course.


Course examines:

  • what is representation
  • getting your message clear
  • grass roots, to politics, to the United Nations
  • making the most of your representative opportunity
  • pitfalls
  • following up, what happens once you’re back home?
  • succession planning


Enrolment includes: webinars, workbook and resources, and ongoing membership of an exclusive online community.


We don't all get the chance to represent our communities.
Be prepared so that you can make the most of your representation opportunity whenever it happens.
Whether it's a grass roots action group, talking to the media, your regular executive level job, representing an organisation, politics or the United Nations, there are systems and processes you can put in place to make sure you use the forum you are in as effectively as possible.


Through 6 self paced modules:

  1. What is representation
  2. Getting your message clear
  3. Forums you might end up in
  4. Politics
  5. The United Nations
  6. Implementing your outcomes


All webinars are captioned.


Your instructor: over 2 decades Christina Ryan has represented her community from the grass roots right up to representing her country at the United Nations, and successfully made change. Christina has worked at many levels and trained many others to follow her. This is a unique opportunity to learn from a highly experienced representative who's made a difference.


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