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The Future Shapers


The Future Shapers are transformational leaders building our world for tomorrow –innovators, lateral thinkers, strategists, creators and change makers.

They’re the people who think outside the box and who will shape our world for the future.


The Future Shapers is a 12-month program of development, transformational leadership growth, and big picture strategic thinking.


It’s designed for disability leaders by disability leaders. The world’s first disability leadership program to be fully developed and run by those who understand disability leadership best – experienced disability leaders.

This is the premier program in disability leadership.

The Future Shapers harnesses the unique perspective of disability leaders and applies it to big picture strategies to build the future, including design thinking, blue ocean strategy and quantum theory.


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The Disability Leadership Institute is currently taking nominations for our 2018 Future Shapers program.


This is a rigorous leadership program that takes participants on a transformational journey to the next level of leadership.


This program transforms people, teams, organisations and communities.


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The Future Shapers is the world’s first specialist disability leadership program by people with disabilities for people with disabilities. The program recognises that no diversity group has shifted towards equality without a specialist focus on their development built from within their own community.

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The Future Shapers Program recognises the unique leadership approach taken by disability leaders; it combines the strengths of a disability focussed environment, the power of collaboration, and a framework of innovation, then wraps it inside a transformational leadership course using vertical leadership principles and action logic.


Future Shapers are the ones who build answers and make the future.

They are the next generation of leaders that our world, and our communities, need today.


You can support a Future Shaper by sponsoring them to participate in our 2018 program.

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This is a very select participant group, we want your best and brightest disability leaders.

The Future Shapers will change the way leadership is understood.


Future Shapers undertake:

An intensive 3 day workshop in Canberra examining key transformational leadership elements, strategic frameworks, specialist disability leadership concepts (4 to 6 September 2018). Commencement of several of the 12 program modules during this workshop.

Further modules undertaken throughout the study year to extend leadership knowledge – undertaken virtually.

Monthly development workshops for all program participants – undertaken virtually.

Monthly Q&A sessions with the program director – undertaken virtually.

A 12 month specialist change making project.

Represent – 6 week online course focussing on skills in representation.

Individual leadership coaching sessions throughout the year of study.

Premium membership of the Disability Leadership Institute for 2 years.

Leadership assessment upon commencement and completion (undertaken July 2018 & on program completion).

Lifelong alumni privileges.


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Nominate a Future Shaper now for one of the very limited spaces available in our 2018 Program.

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This is a limited opportunity for a very limited time.

Nominations close on 30 June 2018.


Be part of changing the way leadership is understood.


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