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Build your way to being a Future Shaper by engaging with the Disability Leadership Institute in other ways.

Choose what you are ready for now, then add more as you progress on your way to becoming a Future Shaper.

The Disability Leadership Institute has a range of services for established and emerging leaders.


Map your path to Future Shaping through:


Our On Demand suite of webinars and short courses.

Short courses, webinars, workbooks, reading lists.

(all under 1 hour)

Build your leadership skills with this growing suite of low cost On Demand training.


Membership of the Disability Leadership Institute.

Join the professional hub for disability leaders.

Membership is open to all disabled people everywhere!

The Disability Leadership Institute has two membership options for disability leaders and is here to support you.

Membership is open only to disabled people. If that’s not you and you want to stay in touch sign up for our updates.

All DLI members are placed onto the National Register of Disability Leaders

Starter membership – get in the loop
Premium membership – take your leadership to the next level


Become an effective representative in your community with this 6 week online course.

Combine Represent with a leadership coaching package.

Everyone who enrols in Represent is invited to join the exclusive facebook alumni community for ongoing development and support.

Try a coaching package

The Disability Leadership Institute also offers intensive one to one coaching for established and emerging leaders, or try a premium membership plus individual leadership coaching package to turbo boost your leadership.

Many employers are supporting their team with a membership / coaching package.

Coaching packages are available to suit you:

  • premium membership / coaching package
  • stand alone individual coaching
  • Represent / coaching package

Coaching is included in the Future Shapers program.


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