Develop, support, promote leaders with disabilities

Online courses and development

The Disability Leadership Institute has a range of online courses, panel discussions and development options you can do at anytime – whoever you are, wherever you are.

All of our courses and webinars are captioned, and you can go back in and view them many times.

When you click a link it will take you through to our training platform. You will be asked to log in. If you are a new user create a user name, then you will be taken to the checkout, or use your existing log in and member code if you have one.

# Free for premium members


From the grass roots to the United Nations. This 6 module online course features webinars, worksheets, reading lists and more. If you want to do frontline activism, go into politics, or change the world, this is the course for you. $495.00 AUD

Effective Networking

A short 3 part course on preparing, attending, and following up – with workbook and resources. Also examines networking disability leaders style. #$45.00 AUD

Governance – the basics

Some basics of governance in a 1 hour package. What is governance, what to focus on, how to operate, things to remember. #$39.95 AUD

Talking To Media

Short webinar on preparing for and talking to the media. Tips, tricks and pitfalls to avoid. Comes with workbook to help you prepare. #$39.95 AUD

Panel discussions:

Call It Out – with Yenn Purkis and Tricia Malowney talking bullying, what it looks like and ideas on responding.

Talking Social Media – with El Gibbs and Stacey Christie, looking at using social media, tips, tricks and how the disability community does it.

Talking Team Leading – with Paul Power and Wendy Hill we look at team leading, what it takes, team leading disability, being a disabled team leader and more.

All panel discussions #$20.00 AUD