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(12)  Lisa J Ellwood is a strong communicator and thought leader with a distinctive voice, Lisa J. Ellwood is a Nanticoke-Lenape Native American resident in Wales, UK. Ms Ellwood is a Freelance Journalist & Writer and an active member of the Native American Journalists Association and Investigative Reporters & Editors. Her specializations include Data Journalism & Visualization, NDN Country, Disability Rights, Mental Illness and Autism. Lisa has personal website and a Linkedin profile, she also tweets as @Mitsawokett_UK


(5) Dominick Evans, director, activist, speaker and thought leader, is a passionate human rights activist who has extensive experience fighting for the rights of the disability and LGBT communities. A trans advocate and spokesperson, he is committed to helping the world understand and accept trans identified indiv iduals. Dominick facilitates the regular #filmdis discussions on twitter as @dominickevans. His personal website has some great articles and other info.


(6) Drisana Levitzke-Gray promotes the Deaf community as one without borders and one of rich language, culture, history and traditions. Drisana works as a consultant, writer and speaker who focusses on encouraging the wider community to accept diversity. Drisana was the first Deaf Auslan user to fulfil her civic duty as a juror, and consistently promotes a positive image of deafness, which states loudly and proudly: “It’s OK to be deaf”. Her personal website @drisanalg


(3)  Eleanor Lisney is a founding member of Sisters of Frida. An intersectional feminist, Eleanor has worked to bring disabled UK women into the CEDAW process and has mentored countless women to follow her. She is a member of the International Network of Women with Disabilities. Her LinkedIn profile and her personal website. @e_lisney @sisofrida


(11)  Tricia Malowney progresses the status of women with disabilities and mentors many young disability leaders each year. She was recently awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) for her services to the disability community over many decades. Trish is a proud disabled person and a proud member of the disability movement and has worked on violence, euthanasia, and leadership and representation.  LinkedIn profile  Tweets as @triciamalowney


(10)  Dale Reardon has worked on a number of initiatives for people with disabilities including through his website ‘My Disability Matters’. This provides both a social platform for members to share resources, knowledge and most importantly to connect and provide a virtual community on a worldwide platform. Dale has advised on the NDIS set up and maintains links with disability community throughout Australia. LinkedIn profile  tweets as @DaleReardon


(1) Sue Salthouse has worked for women with disabilities for over 20 years. She also focusses on communications technology and Chairs Women with Disabilities ACT. A former Chair of Women with Disabilities Australia, Sue has spent many years working to eliminate violence against women with disabilities and ensuring that highly marginalised women are heard. Sue’s biography on ACT Libraries website dated March 2015.


(7) George Taleporos is policy manager at the Summer Foundation after spending many years managing the Youth Disability Advocacy Service in Victoria. George is a thought leader and pioneer / advocate in self-management of support packages. He also lectures and undertakes research.  @drgeorgethecrip


(9) Zara Todd has worked and campaigned in the disability rights sector for most of her life at local, national and international levels. Much of her work has focused on supporting other disabled people, particularly children and youth to engage with strategic and policy level decision making. Zara is a current director of Sisters of Frida and the incoming director of the European Network on Independent Living. LinkedIn profile  Tweets as @toddles23


(4)  Kelly Vincent is a member of the legislative council in South Australia and one of Australia’s few parliamentarians with disability. Kelly was the first woman who uses a wheelchair elected to any Australian parliament. She was elected on a disability platform and has campaigned strongly both locally and nationally for disability rights including the NDIS. Her personal website. @kellyMLC


(8) Alice Wong is the Founder of the Disability Visibility Project and #CripTheVote. Alice lives and works in San Francisco and was the first person to visit the White House and the President by robot presence. Her personal bio on LinkedIn and also on Wikipedia.  She tweets as @SFdirewolf