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The Succession Project

The Succession Project

Gathering the collective wisdom of the Disability Rights Movement for posterity.

Amidst a global crisis that threatens the lives of many disability change makers and activists, the Disability Leadership Institute seeks to ensure their wisdom stays with us for future change makers.

The Succession Project will collect the wisdom of the disability rights movement and archive it for open access in perpetuity.

The Succession Project will document the changes made, how the changes were made, the collaborations, techniques, successes and strategies. Why did those change makers choose to do it the way they did? Why and how did it work?

Let’s not lose our collective learning and wisdom. Its time to archive it so that others may learn . Become part of The Succession Project. An archive of videos, links, articles, interviews, films, moments in the history of our movement.

As the archive grows we will collate areas of action and increasingly cross reference. The content of the Succession Project relies on the contributions of the disability community:

  • Were you there?
  • Have you found an historical reference?
  • Do you have a link to share?
  • Is there something in your personal archive that would be useful?
  • Do you know of a film or book?

How can I contribute?

You can contribute to The Succession Project via:

  • our facebook group the Global15Percent
  • our LinkedIn page
  • our twitter or instagram, both @disabilitylead, or
  • you can use the online form attached to this webpage.
  • You can also inform your contacts in the disability community.




Please note: we are unable to do research for you.

This important work is completely unfunded and welcomes financial and in kind contributions.