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  1. DLI Members in the news – October 2023

    Cathy Easte – Griffith launches the Deaf Space to support increasing community of deaf students


    Claire Pullen – Australian Writers Guild says no thanks to AI

    Claire Pullen – Good writing is human writing

    El Gibbs – To stop the abuse of disabled people, we know what needs to change (paywalled)

    Lisa Cox – Queenagers stand up and be counted

    El Gibbs – This Week – Disability Royal Commission

    Claire Pullen – Australian Writers Guild outlines position on AI

    Christina Ryan – Disability Royal Commission report handed down

    Christina Ryan – The Disability Royal Commission is about to report

  2. DLI Members in the news 1 February 2023

    El Gibbs – Royal Commission report on failing disability employment provider

    Christina Ryan – Take on board podcast

    Claire Pullen – Sachin rarely saw people like him on Australian TV growing up

    Jane Britt – What’s the last thing you’d see if you lost your sight

    Kat Reed – New members for domestic violence prevention council

    Ade Djajamihardja – Australia Day Award winners announced

    El Gibbs – Disability employment rates haven’t shifted in decades — blame discrimination (paywalled)

    Tori Haar – New round of scholarships for leaders with disability