Develop, support, promote disability leaders


Towards 15% of Global Leadership



We’re creating a world where disability leaders take our place as 15 per cent of global leadership.*

As the largest minority group in the world today it is time for disabled people to be recognised as leaders. Disabled people are rarely in positions of leadership, or recognised as leaders in our communities.

Do you embrace the diversity of your community, in your organisation, across all fields?


What are you doing to build the 15 percent?

How are you part of the 15 percent?

What have you seen that is making 15 percent of leadership reality?

What is your organisation doing to contribute to the 15 percent?


Tell us where disability leadership is happening in your community, in your workplace, in your city, in your country.


From politics, to the arts, to NGOs, to business.

We want your stories, your updates, your celebrations of disability leadership.

We want to know where disability leadership is happening, where its being developed, how it’s being supported.


It’s time to document disability leadership, to embrace it, to celebrate it.

It’s time to change the way leadership is understood.


Join the 15 percent – become a member of the Disability Leadership Institute. Open to all disabled people everywhere!

Be part of our #Global15percent facebook community and share your stories – everyone is welcome!

Share disability rights movement history with The Succession Project. Gathering our collective wisdom.


*Many countries, including Australia, have higher population levels of disability closer to 20%. When working in country your target is the country’s recognised disability population level. This means we will achieve the global 15% currrently recognised. 

The Disability Leadership Institute is owned and run by disabled people. We are the specialists in disability leadership development with the world’s first disability leadership program built by and for disability leaders. Unlike other leadership programs, disability isn’t just an eligibility criterion, we use it as an asset in our leadership. We understand disability leadership, how it works, and what the ongoing barriers to your success are.

We are here for your professional development through our leadership programs, and to support your leadership work through membership of our peer led community.

All our work is virtual, you can participate from anywhere in the world.