Develop, support, promote disability leaders

DLI members in the news – December 2023/January 2024

Melissa Hale – Melissa Hale is changing the game for deaf women in cricket

Lisa Stafford – Disabled Travellers Face Discrimination: Seeking Change and Redress

Shane Hryhorec – Glenelg’s accessibility beach mats open 24/7 across the next two weeks

Lisa Stafford – Travellers with disability often face discrimination. What should change and how to complain.

Lisa Cox – Representation shouldn’t be rocket science (paywalled)

Shane Hryhorec – Beaches that roll out welcome mat for the less mobile

Caroline Bowditch – Alter State igniting hope through Disability Leadership

Shane Hryhorec – Disability advocates call for government investment to improve Australian beach accessibility

Lisa Cox – Diversity in advertising and the high fashion glass ceiling 

Shane Hryhorec – First-ever all-inclusive & accessible membership-based gym opens in SA

Shane Hryhorec – Australia’s first inclusive gym opens in Port Adelaide


December 2023

Megan Spindler Smith – CEO internship, a first of its kind learning experience for all

Kate Taylor – Speed dating with an inclusive twist

Gemma Smart – CAPA board passes motion removing SUPRA voting rights

Frances Kupke- Smith – Beyond barriers: Advocate sheds light on the challenges at disability expo

Christina Ryan – The Drum

Akii Ngo – Birthday party part of the search for inclusivity


Jane Britt – Things I wish I’d known before an emergency — Notes on the Brisbane floods from someone who’s deafblind

Disability Leadership Institute – Disabled voices leading the national conversation

Tricia Malowney – Kinetic invests in enhanced accessibility in Melbourne

Carol Taylor – The rise of adaptive fashion

Disability Leadership Institute, Christina Ryan – People with disability recognised for making an impact

Disability Leadership Institute – ABC features stories for, by and about Australians living with disability