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2019 National Awards

National Awards for Disability Leadership

The 2019 National Awards Ceremony with MC Margherita Coppolino:

2019 Finalists

The Arts – using artistic expression to advance the status of disabled people.

  • The Brotherhood of the Blues (Northern NSW)
  • Gaelle Mellis (Victoria / South Australia) – 2019 recipient
  • Megan Munro (ACT)


Change Making – achieving lasting change to the status quo (policy, programs, legislation) which results in greater equality for disabled people.

  • Dinesh Palipana (QLD) – 2019 recipient
  • Cameron Bloomfield (Victoria)
  • Katherine Gill (NSW)

Dinesh’s acceptance speech:

Rights Activism – using human rights mechanisms, including implementing the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, to advance the status of disabled people.

  • Deafblind Victoria (Victoria)
  • Uncle Paul Calcot (NSW) – 2019 recipient


Innovation – being innovative, working outside the box, developing new systems, technology or tools to achieve outcomes in the status of disabled people.

  • Claire Cooke (WA)
  • Simon Green (Victoria) – 2019 recipient


Social Impact – using the public domain, through mainstream and social media, or other digital interfaces, to achieve visibility of disabled people.

  • Wayne Herbert (ACT)
  • Elise Muller (Victoria) – 2019 recipient
  • Eliza Hull (Victoria)


Inclusion – designing processes, systems or programs which illustrate the diversity of disabled people as equal contributors to achieving outcomes.

  • Cameron Bloomfield (Victoria) – 2019 recipient
  • Luke David (Victoria)
  • Uncle Paul Calcot (NSW)


The Lesley Hall Award for Lifetime Achievement – awarded to an individual who has shown commitment to the disability rights movement and worked over time to achieve significant outcomes for disabled people.

  • Roslyn Sackley (NSW) – 2019 recipient
  • Phillip Beddall (SA)
  • Frank Hall-Bentick (Victoria)