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Disability Business Directory

This Directory contains listings of disability led businesses, owned and run by members of the Disability Leadership Institute.

It is available to search for anyone wishing to use more disabled talent through consulting or to access specialist expertise or services. You are able to contact an individual business directly using the contact form with the listing.

We hope you use this opportunity to use more disabled talent.

If you wish to appoint someone to your team or board, please use our National Register, which lists several hundred disabled people across Australia seeking opportunities. We will share your advertisement directly with those listed on the National Register.


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Don't forget to double check your listing before submitting it. We will only use the information you provide, so make sure it is right. You can update your listing at any time, so long as you are a current Premium or Entrepreneurs Member of the Disability Leadership Institute. Don't forget this Directory is to list the businesses owned and run by premium or Entrepreneurs members of the Disability Leadership Institute. If that's not you we will reject the listing.
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