Develop, support, promote leaders with disabilities

Building Disability Leaders Project

The Building Disability Leaders project is targeting Victorians who want to accelerate their leadership development.

Building Disability Leaders offers two options for your development. You can express interest in one or both options:


  • scholarship attendance to our major online course Represent.

an online course in 6 parts for those who want to represent their community from the grass roots to the United Nations. Take your disability leadership to the next level.

  • (all taken / sold out) premium membership & coaching packages¬†

you will receive premium membership of the Disability Leadership Institute and up to 6 individual leadership coaching sessions based on your personal leadership action plan.


This project is targeting rural and regional Victorians. All elements can be undertaken from your home without travel.

If you are not in rural or regional Victoria but are still interested, please express interest anyway as we want to ensure all places are filled and will contact you if there are still places available. This project particularly encourages disability leaders who are Indigenous, culturally or linguistically diverse, from the LGBTIQ community, or under 25.


To express interest in participating please fill in the form below. There is no deadline, but there are a fixed number of scholarships available under both categories. We will contact you shortly to discuss your suitability for participation.

Building Disability Leaders EOI

EOI for participation in the Victorian Building Disability Leaders project
  • We mainly use email or skype, but need a phone number in case you are unable to be contacted
  • So we know you aren't a robot
  • I am a person with disability * Required
  • I live in Victoria, Australia * Required
  • I express interest in "Represent" scholarship * Required
    the online 6 week course
  • SOLD OUT - DLI premium membership + coaching package * Required
    Unfortunately these have all been taken. You are still welcome to express interest in Represent
  • use short dot points
  • You could be an emerging leader or an established leader, but why do you call yourself that?
  • This helps us to understand your connections and the work you are doing.
  • What would you like to achieve in the next 3 years?
  • I identify as:
    This question is optional. We are asking this at the request of our funding body because they want demographic information.