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Boards and Committees project

Support for Victorians applying to sit on Victorian government boards or committees.

Are you applying to sit on a Victorian government board or committee?

The Disability Leadership Institute can help you to success!


Get your application right

We can offer free coaching support to examine your application and resume. This helps with targetting your application towards success.

We won’t write it for you, but we will assist you to write a strong application.

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Just been appointed?

We can offer several sessions of free Individual coaching for newly appointed board and committee members. If you’ve just been appointed to a Victorian Government board or committee we can help you to sustain that appointment.

Being the only person with disability in a board room can be tough, being the new person on the board can also be tough. Contact us for coaching assistance to support you through this challenging first period.

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Information about appointments?

Sign up for Disability Leadership Institute membership today to receive notifications about appointments. All members are listed on the National Register of Disability Leaders.

When we know about an opportunity, we’ll notify you directly.

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Want to advertise a Victorian Government board or committee position?

Fill in the short form at Find A Leader and we’ll take it from there.

No payment is required (applies only to agencies with a address).




The Disability Leadership Institute acknowledges the support of the Victorian Government.

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