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2018 Finalists and Recipients

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National Awards for Disability Leadership

2018 Finalists and Recipients

Lesley Hall Award for Lifetime Achievement:

Janice Slattery – 2018 recipient

Gayle Rankine

Tony Vadaro

Eva Sifis

Jane Rosengrave

Matthew Bowden

Dianne McGowan


Rights Activism:

Judy Huett

Robert Strike

Rosemary Kayess – 2018 recipient



Sexual Lives & Respectful Relationships LGBTIQ project – 2018 recipient

Scott Avery on behalf of Culture is Inclusion



Donna Purcell

Eva Sifis

Client Voice Project Group – David Cook, Nathan Clark, Jessica Parson, Emma Simpson, Toni Sheedy, Thomas Norwood, Eva Sifis – 2018 recipient

Jade Strongman


Social Impact:

Dylan Alcott

Jessica Walton – 2018 recipient 

Tim Ferguson


Change Making:

Amanda Lawrie-Jones

Christine Smith

Anthony Mulholland – 2018 recipient

DCA Deafhood Youth Parliament Team


The Arts:

Eva Sifis

Sarah Houbolt – 2018 recipient

Kiruna Stamell

Kath Duncan

Hanna Cormick


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