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CEO and Executive internship program

Chief Executive Officer – Guide Dogs NSW/ACT

An exciting opportunity for a leader who has Low Vision or blindness with aspirations to be at the C-suite/Executive level 

This internship is open to current premium and entrepreneurs’ members of the DLI.

As part of our CEO internship program, the DLI is now partnering with Guide Dogs NSW/ACT for a new CEO internship.

The CEO internship program provides a unique opportunity for a high potential leader with a disability and aspirations to be a CEO to work alongside the CEO of Guide Dogs NSW/ACT, an organisation that has the Vision to create a world that is inclusive and accessible for everyone with low vision and blindness. The purpose is to break boundaries that limit people and create opportunities and champion the rights of people with low vision and blindness.

During this paid internship, you will take on some of the work of the CEO and experience the breadth and depth of a CEO role. The experience may be personalised to your leadership goals and aspirations or identified skill development and learning outcomes.  Work may include financial management, community and public relations, governance, service delivery, policy, planning and management.

We are seeking disability leaders with some executive level and/or senior leadership experience who are working towards becoming the CEO or taking on a C-suite/Executive level role within a large organisation as the next phase of your career.

The internship program will be a co-learning experience, to further develop our understanding of what is required to design roles that optimise the impact of disabled leaders.

This internship will commence in 2024. The duration will be negotiated with the successful candidate but will require a minimum of 160 hours of placement to be completed within a 12-month period.

The intern will be required to submit a report at the completion of the placement. Your report should inform and promote the expansion of the CEO and Executive intern program. It should be no more than 10 pages and include reflections on design of roles for CEOs and Executives with disability. It might include reflections from the host CEO/Executive organisation and should be suitable for publication.

For further information please contact DLI CEO Christina Ryan.

CEO Internship EOI

EOI form for CEO internship program
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    Only DLI premium and Entrepreneurs Members are eligible for this program. If you are not a current Member you will need to commit to becoming one.
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    I understand that I am required to: 1. Undertake a minimum of 160 hours of placement with my host organisation within 12 months 2. Abide by confidentiality and fiduciary expectations, and the host organisation's policies and procedures 3. Write a report at the completion of my placement 4. Participate in a qualitative review process at the completion of my placement 5. Engage with the supports provided including DLI membership and mentoring.
  • Please note: your disability access requirements should not prevent you from expressing interest. This question is asked only to assist us with communications with you, and to ensure your placement host is prepared for your needs.